Does Cadre have a recording?

Yes and no. The live performance videos on this site are a sampling of our current repertoire but, no, we do not yet have a studio recording.

Is there is no way to purchase any of the music I’ve heard you play live?

Yes there is. Read on…

(and where to buy it)

Bill Colgate

The majority of original songs in Cadre’s repertoire is culled from the three CDs Bill recorded B.C. (Before Cadre): when dinosaurs ruled the earth (1996); waiting for simon (2004) and boomer bust (2007); the latter two featuring the considerable producing, arranging, co-writing and playing skills of Cam MacInnes.

Cam MacInnes

In addition to his duties as a composer, principal arranger and lead guitarist for Cadre, Cam has recorded an album of his own original compositions entitled Mushroom Dirt (2007). The late Greg Quill, of The Toronto Star described Cam’s playing as ”Elegant, tasteful, colourful, passionate, thoughtful, inventive, expressive…an astounding finger picker, a heartbreaking slide virtuoso, a harmonic genius”.

Rob Greenway (aka brilliantfish, aka Greenway Blvd)

Rob is the newest member of the Cadre family and has brought with him a treasure trove of his own original compositions (3 of which are already welcome additions to our repertoire).

For more detailed information on each member of Cadre visit our Meet The Band page.