Bill Colgate


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Bar band singer turned award-winning actor and singer/songwriter, Bill Colgate began his professional career in the early 1970s fronting such bar bands as Uncle John’s Dirty Secret and Phoenix. While playing Toronto’s fabled Nickelodeon, Bill was approached by the artistic director of a fledgling theatre company and asked if he wanted to give acting a try. This led to a successful career on stage, screen (appearing opposite the likes of Diane Keaton and Tommy Lee Jones), television and radio, performing everything from Shakespeare and Ibsen to singing pirates and cartoon voices. Bill returned to his music career in 1996 with his first CD of original music, ‘when dinosaurs ruled the earth’. This was followed by ‘waiting for simon’ (2004) and ‘boomer bust’ (2007). In 2002, Bill was the 2nd Grand Prize Overall winner in the USA Songwriting Competition and was a finalist in the 2003 Mountain Stage New Song Contest.