Rob Greenway


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Rob is an artist/drummer/vocalist/composer/arranger/producer with more than 30 years experience. His alter-ego brilliantfish has produced 17 releases as of this year. He has worked with many diverse artists including live and recorded work with Derek Christie, Sally McKay, Laurelle Augustyn, Theresa McKay, Jonathan Seet, Frank Patrick, Lee Whalen, Jim Field, Priya Thomas, Meryn Cadell, David Leask, Neil Chapman, David Ramsden, Zombo Zombo and many others. He has also worked with producers Terry Brown, Michael-Phillip Wojewoda, Peter J. Moore, John Switzer and Doug Romanow.
Rob launched his singer-songwriter project Greenway Blvd, in 2013, by releasing his debut album ‘Naked Splendor‘. He is currently working on a new Blvd recording and a school of brilliantfish albums.
Oh, yes… he’s also a graphic designer, producing work for artists of all disciplines, and his ‘day job’ is that of a professional voice actor for radio, TV and film.