SUN march 29 @ C’est What w/ guests ’65’

“Never work with children or animals or 65” – W.C. Fields

Alright, W.C. Fields didn’t know Jay Bowen and Keith McNair but I feel confident that, if he had, he would have included their duo, 65, in his famous show biz dictum. I myself am beginning to have second thoughts about having them open for Cadre. I had a recent breakthrough with my shrink over jealousy issues and I’m afraid sharing the stage with these two pros might just undo a lot of hard work. However, I’m willing to take a chance if you are. Here’s what you need to know:

65 (Jay Bowen & Keith McNair) 3:00-3:30pm
followed by
CADRE  3:45 – 6:00pm

(PLEASE NOTE: We start and finish our matinees pretty much on time so the times listed are accurate.)

65 is Jay Bowen and Keith McNair. Erstwhile thespians and members of the singing group Sweet Lips, they perform songs written by Keith McNair, with an acoustic guitar and kazoo.” – Keith McNair